- Planimetric Data at All Scales...          features as small as 6-in. wide

- Digital Terrain Models (DTM)...            3-in. high terrain differences

- Triangulated Network Surfaces...      ERDAS, ESRI, GEOPACK or any format

- LiDAR Point Clouds…                        mobile and airborne from any platform

- Topographic Contours...                     0.5-foot to 10-foot interval

- Ortho-Rectified Aerial Images...           3-inch to 3-foot pixel resolution

All vector data is stereo (3D) compiled from custom vertical aerial photography and referenced to any earth coordinate system, using a network of ground control observations.  The final deliverables are formatted into compatibility with a wide variety of software platforms.

Our products are custom designed to fit your specific need for a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to:

- Alignment selections and designs for roadways, utilities and pipelines

- Development and design for airports, golf courses, and sub-divisions

- 911 emergency response database creation or update

- Terrain modeling for automatic navigation

- GIS database creation or update

- Stockpile volume calculation

- Environmental studies