PRO-TERRA Aerial Mapping, Inc.

Who We Are

PRO-TERRA Aerial Mapping, Inc. was founded in 2002 to create accurate, high-resolution 3D models and images of the earth’s surface.   We are a privately owned and operated Texas corporation.  Our office recently moved from Austin to Fredericksburg, Texas.

The established relations we enjoy with our subcontractors will provide you with ground and air support anywhere.  From field and air operations and all through the production process, we will ensure high quality in all phases of work.  Our weekly status reports keep you in the loop, while we get your project onto our production floor, delivered to you on time, error free and within budget.  In addition, your mapping data can be provided in your native software format and element structure.

At PRO-TERRA Aerial Mapping, Inc. the accuracy and timeliness of our work is the foundation for our current success and keys to our future growth.

We offer free cost estimates for all our work.  Speak with us first before beginning your next mapping project.  Our response is quick and respectful.  Nobody makes mapping easier and more personable!